ADF Filter Company always tries to use best and desirable raw materials. Company’s Quality Control experts verify this point continuously, by using advanced and special equipment in lab and benefits from 17025 certified labs views to advance their quality objectives. It should be noted that all raw materials used in this factory are made in Spanish, Korea and Iran and all customers confirm the quality of filters. It should be mentioned that quality control operation is done in three levels of input materials, semi-finished goods and finished product and SPC statistical control method with the use of specialized software MINITAB is a component element of the quality control at this company.

We use the best and high quality strainer materials and produce filters that remain stable in climate changes and have high resistance against the air flow; that’s why ADF Filters live longer than other similar products.

ADF Filters are always tested under ISO/5011 standards and the results of this experiment indicate that pressure drop criteria and dust holding capacity are standards.

ISO/5011 test has shown that ADF Filter have +98% efficiency and this leads to further protection of engine and finally the competitiveness of ADF Filter company’s products is increased against similar foreign products.