CodingA.D.F NO.DescribeLength-Outer-Inner
13769A80621M.A.N - RENAULT CROSS Trailer primary545-310-180
13869A80622M.A.N - RENAULT CROSS Trailer safety530-178-146
17069A7730MAN Truck - RENAULT Fire Truck primary365-249-124
18469A23084RENAULT MIDLUM Trailer primary450-310-180
18569A23085 RENAULT MIDLUM - RENAULT PREMIUM Trailer safety436-178-146
20869A0013IVECO Truck Eurocargo374-245-150
21469A0014 TGA460 - M.A.N 480 Truck465-265-172
21669A8335SCANIA Trailer 420 435-304-173
22469A1353 MAN Truck 460 (F2000) primary471-304-169
22569A1354 MAN Truck 460 (F2000) safety457-170-130
22969A0016 VOLVO Truck FH13 primary 375-331-210
23069A1940 VOLVO Truck FH13 safety388-184-182
23669A1359SCANIA 340 Trailer (Ridgy)422-305-185
23769A0017SCANIA 340 Trailer 265-495-175
25069A7682 INTERNATIONAL Canada Trailer376-327-175
250669A8336 SCANIA Trailer (MAMMUT) 1335678 primary512-304-171
250769A8337SCANIA Trailer (MAMMUT) 1335678 safety502-169-129
250269A6433NEW DONGFENG (ALBORZ Compressor) primary505-300-193
250369A6434NEW DONGFENG (ALBORZ Compressor) safety489-180-157
250569A3019ALVAND Truck (Amark)301-220-135
21969A24330Truck (6 ton) JAC primary318-235-115
22069A24331Truck (6 ton) JAC safety----------
250469A1414New FOTON Truck (PU)286-198-124
374RM1313FOTON Truck (metallic)280-195-110
277RM229961VOLVO Truck FH (metallic) primary405-330-208
278RMT229961VOLVO Truck FH (PU) primary405-330-200
279RMT229064VOLVO Truck FM9 415-300-150
295RM22276DONGFENG Truck - NISSAN T375 primary460-300-197
296RM22277DONGFENG Truck - NISSAN T375 safety430-185-158
303RM20850IVECO Truck 330 and 440 primary 458-300-195
304RM301600IVECO Truck 330 and 440 safety----------
305RM22268KAVIAN Truck primary 365-208-132
306RM22269KAVIAN Truck safety 351-123-91
307RM221465IVECO Truck 380 and 440 primary 465-325-215
308RM221466IVECO Truck 380 and 440 safety----------
309RM225773SCANIA Truck 113 365-300-197
310RM225729SCANIA Truck 112 458-300-197
311RM94146BUDSUN Truck primary 378-280-170
312RM94147BUDSUN Truck safety365-163-137
313RM224449VOLVO Truck NL10 primary 360-350-214
316RM221094VOLVO Truck NL10 safety 315-196-167
315RM221093VOLVO Truck N10 primary 357-305-200
316RM221094VOLVO Truck N10 safety 315-196-167
317RM60376VOLVO Truck F12 primary 560-270-180
318RM60377VOLVO Truck F12 safety 535-175-135
319RM221082NISSAN Truck T300 primary 502-273-164
320RM221083 NISSAN Truck T300 safety 482-161-131
323RM220460LEYLAND Truck primary 332-200-88
321RM229962BMC Truck CHINA (metallic) primary 457-300-197
322RM229963BMC Truck CHINA safety 455-180-143
11769A56110BMC Truck CHINA (PU) primary512-310-180
11869A56120BMC Truck CHINA (PU) safety498-178-146
329RM221561Truck 3300 primary 365-195-105
330RM301000DAF Truck 3300 safety----------
357RM5064ISUZU Truck (6 and 8 Ton) NPR330-220-135
358RM6148ISUZU Truck (3/5 Ton) NKR250-200-126
363RM220102HOVO Truck 615 primary 460-300-197
364RM220103HOVO Truck 615 safety 440185-157
365RM48104MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS Trailer E312L305-420-253
366RM43304MERCEDES BENZ ACTROS Trailer E297L250-420-254
251869A0897 DAF Truck (New)490-281-153
252369A0020 VOLVO Truck FH16 primary471-330-240
252469A1941 VOLVO Truck FH16 safety470-218-170
252669A0021FARAZ Trailer - AMICO Trailer - FW FAW primary406-283-198
253769A3614 ISUZU Truck - 10 ton (New)275-236-134
253869A0024IVECO Truck Eurocargo E25-180 and E25-130296-246-150
390RM2740 KAVIAN Truck 119 primary422-230-135
391RM2741KAVIAN Truck 119 safety408-130-100