In this developed world, existence of engine, industrial equipment and heavy duty  machinery is necessary and inevitable. On the other hand, industrial filters play an important role in raising of such industrial mechanical engines lifetime and reduce maintenance costs. Market demand for production of safe, secure and high quality filters, as well as continuous development of filtration established, in 2006, applying advanced and modern technologies and experts’ opinion.

Customer orientation, on time commitments implementation, delivery of high quality products are the basic and fundamental goals of this company. ADF Filter Co. believes above mentioned principals by applying new technologies and organizing appropriate production and distribution processes. ADF Filter Company also tries to supply practical and high quality products that cover international standards. So, by applying modern quality management systems, ADF Filter co.’s products cover global standards.

 After 35 years experiences of producing more than 400 high quality filters in the name of ADF Filters brand and according to available documents and based on customers feedbacks, the solutions that we provide to satisfy every customer demand have rendered us one of the major players on the Iranian market and now, ADF Filter co. is considered as one of the leading companies in design and manufacturing of air, oil, hydraulic and fuel filters in Iran. 

In order to offer high quality products to customers, ADF Filter Company is trying to manufacture best products by applying global modern technologies, machineries, consultants and specialists as well.